Monthly Archives: October 2013

B-52s, friendships, and day dreams…these are a few of my favourite things

Thanksgiving has long been my favourite holiday. No pressure of holiday parties, or finding the perfect gift; just family, and friends, and food. And gratitude for it all.

While I shouldn’t need a day to remind myself of all of the big and little things that I have that I am grateful for, it is a nice reminder. To look back on the year, to see what I planted and what I have harvested. To remember the things that sometimes get forgotten, and to let go of the things that were good but are no longer.

No list of what I’m thankful for, because it misses the point. I am thankful for it all, for the blessing of having this life. This life full of the big things and the little joys; this life where I get to make, and learn from, mistakes, and to drink in the serendipitous moments; this life for what it has been and for what’s to come.