“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers [and Septembers]”

I’ve been a reluctant blogger. Oh, I’ve got excuses — life is busy…work, family, dog, friends, thinking. But there was something that inspired me to start this; something that I felt I needed a place to express it (I’m still not really sure what that is). So I’m just going to go with it and see what happens…make sense of it as I go.

Gosh…this is starting to sound an awful lot like my life right now: not entirely sure what’s next but just going with it and seeing what happens.


This year, fall brought with it a whole pile of uncertainty. After a summer feeling so “in the flow”, September hit like a tonne of bricks. But as I let go of trying to control my way out of anxiety, new opportunities and dreams are scattering the path.

I remember reading an article last year about why the leaves change colour. Basically it comes down to, they know. That trees listen to the cues around them…temperature, daylight…to begin to conserve the energy they expend in photosynthesis in the spring and summer. They pull it back into their centre, their roots, saving it up for when they’ll need it in the spring — senescence. Letting go of leaves when it not longer serves the tree to hold on. Whatever it is, I like it. And probably need a bit more of it myself. Listening to the cues around me to draw my energy back in; letting go of the pieces that no longer serve me.

p.s. you can never go wrong with Anne of Green Gables wisdom


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