Monthly Archives: May 2013

Fast forward a month

My best intentions lapsed. And nearly a month later, I haven’t followed up on post number one.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want my life to look like. And not just “I want a great guy. I want to be a [fill in the blank job title].” etc etc blah blah blah. But really what I want. When I think about the guy, what it is that I think that would bring to me. Or the job, not just the title or a role, but what I want it to bring to my life.

After the past week of thinking “what do I want to be doing?” I came across this article by Kate Sheehan: When I read “It’s not, ‘What do I want to do?’ it’s, ‘What kind of life do I want to have?'” it resonated. I get it universe; it’s time to start living what I speak. For my job to truly provide for the life I want. I always say, “I work so I can afford the life I want when I’m not at the office.” But what more is there than just the pay cheque and benefits to it. How can my work truly afford me the life I want?

I was in Calgary for work on Tuesday and on the drive up there was a news item about physical inactivity in kids, specifically not walking to school anymore, instead always being driven there. It got me thinking. Both about how that whole topic is what I’m passionate about. Not just for kids, but about how movement should be a part of living. And how, should I have kids, I want a job that allows me to walk them to school. Later that day I was driving down Memorial Drive and noticed all the people out for a walk. Or bike ride. Or run. At 2 in the afternoon. And I thought, “I wish I got to just be outside to enjoy a beautiful afternoon instead of being cooped up in an office.”

For now, I’m not trying to have all the answers (completely counterintuitive for me). All in good time, I will figure out what I want to do by knowing what kind of life I want. But I think I have a few good clues to start. Clue 1: I want the flexibility to choose my own schedule. Clue 2: I am passionate about actually promoting an idea of living an active life (i.e. actually living).


What’s in a name?

Who knew that before I even wrote a post that I would be confused about what to write…the blog name. I felt so much pressure to get it right; to choose a name that reflects who I am, but also makes serves my original intent as a place to post my yoga teaching schedule. There was “prairie yoga” then “under this harvest moon”. Oh, but I love to dance…maybe that needs to be there somewhere? What about reading? And does prairie exclude the piece of me that is only whole by the ocean? The stress!!

In the end, I feel like an adaptation of my first instinct – a prairie yogi – kind of sums it all up. Thinking about the roots of the word yoga (or yogi or yogini) as to unite into oneness or wholeness, it hopefully captures all those pieces of me. And the prairie – it’s not only where I live, but has always reminded me of that other piece of me, the ocean, in its own way: the soft contour of the rolling plains mimicking the movement of the tide and waves; the beauty in its ability to provide; the harshness that it has seen in a storm; so vast and seemingly infinite.

So what’s this blog going to be? I’m not sure yet. But I hope it will evolve into a place for me to express and share all of the dance-under-the-harvest-moon-on-the-prairie-by-the-sea-namaste pieces of me.

And if nothing else will at least serve its original role as a place to post my teaching schedule.